Rise of the machines

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Confident you apply for a job that fits you perfectly but you will never have an answer.

Why ?

Because the recruiter has never seen your resume, because you have been ejected from the process before , because you have written your CV to be read by a human and not a machine.

A machine to help the recruiter …

ATS ( Applicant Tracking System) have been established to help recruiters to select the best profile among the candidates.

To do it, this nice robot will search for some keywords, titles , dates in your resume, the most intelligent of them even succeed in making parallels between time and experience before selecting / rejecting you.

You wrote your resume thinking you contact a recruiter,but you get on a machine and robots do not read, a kind of CTRL + F at a bigger scale.

You did not use the right keywords because you care of the form, for you it’s a question of respect for the company that you want to integrate and again you were wrong .

You will have more chance of being read by a recruiter by counting the number of times you write “Sales” “communication” “marketing” “SEO” or any other word in direct association with the given position and even if your CV doesn’t made too much sense after.
To learn How to speak robot

Figures to justify …

Some companies such as Google receives 75,000 resumes per week .

On average there are 144 applications per job and only 35% relevants, it’s still 50 candidates.

The reason advanced by recruiters : Some candidates spend as little as 50 seconds reading job description, that’s why there are only 35% of revelant profiles.

Or is it the systematic eviction of their CV by ATS that pushes them to apply for every position, hoping they will pass between the cracks : robots treating only 75 % of applications .

That is why 90% of large organization (CAC 40 …. Fortune 500 ) and 50% of SMEs use an ATS to filter candidates.

Uniformity and inefficiency …

The diversity of candidates has evolved over the years in a society where innovation has taken over the classification logic and where getting out of the best school / business is not an end but a new beggining.

Remember that Google, Criteo , Facebook and even Pôle Emploi recruit without CV but on personnality and skills.

Your education, work experience, your resume does not have value to them since the value is you.

70% of the candidates are hidden from the recruiters when 35 % are revelant for the ATS. Coincidence ?

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