Looking for talent ? Why not use Youtube !

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Looking for new talent for your firm? Consider using YouTube in your recruitment strategy.

  • YouTube is on the top 5 most trafficked websites in the world, trailing Google and Facebook.
  • YouTube is the second largest search engine trailing only Google (which happens to own YouTube).
  • In 2011, YouTube had more than 1 trillion views, that’s 140 views for every person on the planet.
  • Job postings with a video icon are viewed 12% more than postings without video.
  • Job postings with a video icon receive a 34% greater application rate.

If you’re a recruiter, your job is to fill your open positions with talented people from other companies.

Here are three others reasons to use YouTube as a recruitment channel:

  • Everybody has, at least once, watched a video on YouTube.
  • Uploading a video on YouTube is free, so even if it doesn’t work for you as a good recruitment channel, you didn’t spent money on it.
  • It could help to improve your employer branding.

Here are a few tips on how to use YouTube effectively for your recruitment campaign:

Keep it short

The average visitors spends 15 minutes on YouTube per day, so don’t fall into the trap of saying everything on your video.

One minute is the best length for a YouTube job offer video; after-all, candidates will not apply on YouTube comments but on your career website.

In one minute, you don’t have the time to really describe all the skills and qualities needed for the job, but you can show all the potentials applicants where they might work and with whom.

The more you show about your company’s values and atmosphere, the more you will interest potential applicants.

Well-made short videos could also be easily shared by users and go viral, especially if your brand is already well-known, or if your video is really disruptive, fun, and/or well-made.

The power of visual is worth a thousands words. By putting a face to the company, candidates can get a much better sense of the business and what it’s like working there. For example, feature the CEO in a video on the company’s culture or employees sharing their work/life experience.

Link it

You may have never used YouTube before to present your company values, brand, products, events or whatever else, people may not necessarily find on YouTube. That is why, in all cases, you should link to it from your other social accounts and your career website too.

This way, applicants and potential candidates can find you easily on their Twitter feeds, Facebook feeds (even if it’s not the best way to touch talent), and click through to YouTube to view the video.

Diversify content

Once you have linked your YouTube videos on your other social media accounts, you can diversify what you share to make it more viral and interesting. As noted before, short videos are best so you needn’t explain all the aspects of the position you are offering, or convey all the facets a candidate needs to possess to be the best match for your company.

Use your career website to lay out all these specifics and precise details as an old-school job offer. Use Twitter to do some teasing about the positions available and relay where to find more information. Use a LinkedIn group or company page to promote those job offers. And finally, use YouTube to show the job opportunities.

Google has more than 3 millions views on its YouTube Career channel. But Google is not the only one;  the US Coast Guard also have a solid presence with one millions views.

There is nothing in common between Google and the US Coast Guard except YouTube. Both share their own values and have different subscribers on their channel.

Don’t think your company is too small to do well on YouTube. YouTube evens the playing field and virality doesn’t depend of your size but on your style!

Have you ever found a job or candidate on YouTube?

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