Human Age is a independent media dedicated to the emergence of collective intelligence in the digital era.

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The last 10 years, economic inequalities, social injustice and ecological distress become worse than ever. It is likely that this situation will swell racial and religious conflicts and lead to a global crisis for the control of resources in decades to come.

The situation has become so dire that it cannot be resolved by single individuals, organizations or even governments. At this stage, only a collective surge can make the difference.
But how to create a bridge to this emerging future? How to help humanity accomplish its full potential?

The answer is right in front of us, through new models built on collective intelligence: sharing economy, MOOCs, crowdfunding, Peer2Peer banking…

But this is only the beginning, and the true question behind all these changes are the collective governance: Internet has deeply changed the way we communicate, work and learn. It is time it changes the way we build our common destiny.

Human Age is a network of innovators, social entrepreneurs, makers and humanists. We promote all tools, knowledge and events that can improve collective intelligence, individual accomplishement and new organizational models.