2 simple steps to develop your social recruitment strategy

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You are already using social media to recruit new employees (if not follow thoses rules and start doing it right now) and must as well know the main benefits of social recruiting. Its time right now to see in which way you can developp your social recruiting strategy and mastering this brand new disciplines whatever the size of your company …


Rise of the machines

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Confident you apply for a job that fits you perfectly but you will never have an answer. Why ? Because the recruiter has never seen your resume, because you have been ejected from the process before , because you have written your CV to be read by a human and not a machine. A machine to help the recruiter … …


Looking for talent ? Why not use Youtube !

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Looking for new talent for your firm? Consider using YouTube in your recruitment strategy. YouTube is on the top 5 most trafficked websites in the world, trailing Google and Facebook. YouTube is the second largest search engine trailing only Google (which happens to own YouTube). In 2011, YouTube had more than 1 trillion views, that’s 140 views for every person on …


5 hiring hints for busy managers

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Need to hire someone and find your recruitment request down the stack in HR department, well it’s time to take thing in hand. Hard and time consuming work you said, yes, maybe, if you are following the same path as your HR department do. It takes an average of 29 days to fill an open position using online job posting …