Democracy of fear

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Do we truly enjoy freedom only when we are about to lose it? Everything goes as if our societies became incapable of understanding the importance of democratic values, ​​except when a major crisis is about to deprive us of our rights. The terrorist attacks on Charlie Hebdo gives a good illustration of this. After the initial trauma, the weeks that …


What if the terrorists were not on the Internet ?

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Freedom and security form a strange rhyme in democracy. However, rather than going into the passionate debate surrounding the law on the control of Internet, I would rather examine the matter of the effectiveness of these measures designed to prevent future terrorist attacks. A fair warning: those of you who are convinced that suicide commandos make selfies to generate likes …


France after Charlie

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In October 2014, I published an article entitled “The 3 reasons why France became the most depressive country in the World, and why this is an opportunity for humanity.” Among the causes that I had identified to explain the resignation of the French, the first that I put forward was the absence of collective challenges. To me, France illustrated how …


Is the Silicon Valley a state of mind?

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Success is the encounter between an opportunity and a person willing to grasp it. The constant buzzing of the Silicon Valley and the emergence of global champions in recent years fascinates. Managers in search of innovation even go on tour to explore the Silicon Valley and “become innovative”… Their approach seems only logical. The grail of innovation is obviously something …


The 3 reasons why France became the most depressive country in the World, and why it is an opportunity for humanity

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According to BVA-Gallup, the French have become one of the most unhappy people in the world. With a negative index of -79, France is the latest ranking of the 51 countries surveyed by the institute. This is a historical record, since no country has ever reached such a low score in the 34-years history of the index.[1] This figure is …


Let’s create a Reality Game to save the World

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We spend more than 50 hours a week watching television, surfing on the Internet and playing video games. Today, entertainment became the first activity of people in all industrialized countries. A synonym of entertainment is distraction, whose etymology means: diversion of attention. In other words, we spend most of our time to divert our mind of something. But what exactly? …


Myths : a palliative to our inaction

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Since immemorial times the human being has needed heroes to understand his society. Ceaseless economic crises and a collective feeling of insecurity drives us to seek explanation and find refuge in imaginary characters. But why do we need to create those characters ? Do they have a positive influence on our society or are they simply a reflection of our …


Do orphans lead the World?

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Do you know what do Caesar, Cleopatra, Ramses II, Louis VIX, Napoleon, Washington, Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Roosevelt and Barack Obama have in common? The answer is simple: besides the fact that they are leaders whose name became famous in history, all of them are orphans. However, they are far from being an exception: among the 400 most important leaders …


Why everyone shall become Batman

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You have not become Batman yet? This is proof that you did not understand the character. But rest assured, everyone can make mistakes, and I’d be happy to explain all the reasons why it is imperative that we all become Batman. However, before getting into the thick of it, a small historical detour is needed to understand the genesis of …


Are we afraid of freedom?

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Note: This article is the counterpart of the one entitled “Orphans do they lead the world.” It analyzes the same problem, but viewed from the perspective of ordinary humanity. Do we really want to be free? The answer may seem obvious: freedom is the most basic human right. Nothing should be more important for any individual than to live a …