2 simple steps to develop your social recruitment strategy

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You are already using social media to recruit new employees (if not follow thoses rules and start doing it right now) and must as well know the main benefits of social recruiting.

Its time right now to see in which way you can developp your social recruiting strategy and mastering this brand new disciplines whatever the size of your company and its recruitment budget.
Remember that 64% of US companies are already using 1 or 2 of the main social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) to connect with prospective employees.

Quick summary of the main benefits of social recruiting :

  • Connect with the largest pool of passive and actives jobseekers
  • Lower the cost of sourcing
  • Lower the cost of hiring
  • Engage your own employees as brand ambassadors and social recruiters.
  • Target the right audience (just right where they use to browse the wild internet)
  • Engage with qualified jobseekers as well as spread brand awarness at low cost

How to mastering the discipline in few simple step :

Establish a strategy

Your social strategy should effectivly state the goals you are seeking to achieve. Don’t or should I say NEVER go social in your recruitment if you haven’t an effective and accurate strategy you could damage your brand image as well as failing in finding at least one qualified jobseekers.

Remember : On social media you are not hiring you are recruiting there is a big difference between someone who is looking for a job and someone who already has one but is willing to change for a better career path.

Define and display company’s culture

Identify your company environment, cutlure and value. You can define it first alone but never forget to ask your current existing employees about your culture they are the one who will spread the word in first row.

Don’t lie about it rr you strategy might backfire once the first applicants realize what you said is not the reality and leave you as fast as you had recruit him/her. Remember that even if it lower the cost, social recruitment has still a cost, its not a game its a job.
Once it defined and realistic share your story on social networks.

Understand your employee interraction

This part is as important as your culture, tailor your recruiting strategy to target candidates that will match the existing team spirit.
Focus then on the skills sets and personnality traits of candidates you want to recruit or of your top performer employees and find similarities with your candidates to retain those traits as part as your company culture.

Execute your strategy

Now that those key steps are all set it’s time to make it work by interacting with jobseekers. Your communication have to be consistent, pertinent and timely.

Engage your employee

At the beggining of your social recruitment campaign your employees will be the main gate to sucess.
If you have communicate rightly with them they should be able to spread the word on their own social networks and even start networking with job seekers before send them to your pages or directly to your recruitment team.

Interaction and Content

Depending of the candidates you are looking for you might not have the same content to share. If your are looking for technical skilled job seekers you will not post content that interest marketing applicants.
3/ 4 of your content should be about related fields and topics to your company and only 1 / 4 should be directly related to your company. This way your content strategy will not seems exclusively brand oriented and auto centrate on your needs and you will find applicants that share the same interest as you.

Rating and ranking your results

Data analysis are mandatory to check which content is most likely shared or read as well as check which channel and networks are working well. Depending of your strategy you can included a blog strategy with content oriented in your industry business (New technology are really working well or with informations targeting your the candidates you are seeking to reach.

Use a tool

Engage your employee by creating serious gaming and ranking on the content they share of the applicant they brings is not an easy work to do but if you can’t afford to have a recruiter especially dedicated to social recruitment few high tech tools can automatize that.

As well as the employment engagement you might want to control who see what and how many views you obtain by posting a job offer on facebook or twitter, even make comparison between both. Data analytics tools could help you for that too.

If you want to reward each employee who find the right candidate billing softwares have this feature too.

But 3 software is time consuming and not cost effective especially if you are running a small business willing to grow quickly.

Some social recruitment software are all in one tools and really simple to use as one or jobvite new version, just check it out and let me know if you have tried one of those.

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